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Monday, August 9, 2021


Albuquerque, N.M.–– Today, longtime community organizer and leader, Kay Bounkeua, announced her bid to be appointed to fill the vacant legislative seat for House District 19 that represents the southeastern part of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Today, I am eager to announce I am launching my campaign to be appointed to represent those in House District 19 in southeast Albuquerque,” said Kay Bounkeua. “As a first generation immigrant who spent her first few years in Albuquerque’s International District, worked with families and communities in this area for the past ten years and counting, and who now is building a home with my husband and my two year-old daughter in HD19, I understand firsthand the needs of this place and the systemic barriers that need to be dismantled to ensure we build strong, healthy communities.”

If appointed to represent HD19, Kay would become the first Asian American woman to serve at the Roundhouse in the NM Legislature’s history––marking a milestone at a time when historically disenfranchised communities are demanding representative leadership grounded in shared values and shared lived experiences.

“I hope to become the first Asian American woman ever to serve as a representative in the NM State Legislature––to not only break through the glass ceiling, but the bamboo ceiling attached to it,” Bounkeua said. “This is the moment to make history and show my daughter and the rest of New Mexico’s children that we can and should lead not despite of, but because of, our unique cultural heritages and backgrounds and that we can bring change together.”

To find out more about Kay’s campaign make sure to visit: The campaign will be launching field and digital operations this week. Her policy platform will also be released in the coming days.

Background & short biography

Kay is a first generation immigrant from Lao-Chinese parents. She is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and received her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. She most recently served as the Executive Director for the New Mexico Asian Family Center.  She is a board member of United Community Academy, the inaugural board chair for Albuquerque’s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, is a past alumna of Asian Pacific American Women’s Leadership Institute, and is a current W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Network fellow.

In her current role as New Mexico Deputy State Director for The Wilderness Society, Kay has been using her policy, advocacy, public health, program development and movement building experience to advance their work to make public lands a solution to the climate crisis and ensure that all New Mexican’s equitably benefit from them. In her personal time, she can be found running with her two dogs and exploring the mountains with her husband and daughter.


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