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Tuesday, August 10, 2021


Albuquerque, N.M.–– Kay Bounkeua’s bid for House District 19 is off to a strong start with the campaign’s first official endorsement coming from Regis Pecos, former Governor of Cochiti Pueblo and former Senior Policy Advisor at the Office of Majority Floor Leader at the New Mexico Legislature.

The following is a statement from Regis Pecos on his endorsement for Kay Bounkeua seeking to be appointed to serve in House District 19:

“The current times and circumstances call upon all of us to advance justice, equity, and inclusion. And today, we have a chance to be part of history and witness the first Asian American woman to become part of the New Mexico House of Representatives. Kay Bounkeua has emerged as our north star and a breath of fresh air. I have every confidence, based on her demonstrated leadership, that she will immediately make a profound contribution and complete a legislative team that will be the most diverse and representative group of legislators in the New Mexico Legislature.

“In my 36 years of experience in public service, 20 years in the New Mexico House of Representatives, I could not be more excited about a candidate as I am today if her appointment becomes a reality. This will be a historic moment for New Mexico. Please join me and let’s together make history”

If appointed to represent HD19, Kay would become the first Asian American woman to serve at the Roundhouse in the NM Legislature’s history. 

The Bernalillo County Commission is expected to appoint a new Representative for House District 19 on Monday, August 23.


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