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Tuesday, August 24, 2021


Albuquerque, N.M.–– The Bernalillo County Commission voted to appoint longtime activist and community leader, Kay Bounkeua, to represent the people of House District 19, Tuesday afternoon. The legislative seat was vacated after former Rep. Sheryl Stapleton resigned her seat.

The following is a statement from Kay Bounkeua on this historic appoint as the first Asian American woman to serve at the NM Legislature:

Today I am honored to be given the opportunity to represent the diverse communities of House District 19–a place that I have always called home. As a first generation immigrant, having worked with families and communities in this area for the past ten years and counting, and now building a home with my husband and my two year-old daughter in HD19, I understand firsthand the needs of this place and the systemic barriers that need to be dismantled to ensure we build strong, healthy communities. This firsthand experience will always guide me in my public service at the NM Legislature.

At this time I want to thank every single person who came forward to support my campaign. I want to thank everyone who made calls, sent emails, and who wholeheartedly stepped up to the challenge of prioritizing representation in government–to achieve leadership grounded in shared values and shared lived experiences.

I am deeply honored to serve as the first Asian American woman at the NM Roundhouse–– not only to break through the glass ceiling, but the bamboo ceiling attached to it. This is the moment our communities have been waiting for. We made history and we are showing New Mexico’s children that we can and should lead not despite of, but because of, our unique cultural heritages and backgrounds and that we can bring change together.

Today’s appointment represents a historic moment in NM’s politics with Kay becoming the first Asian American woman to serve at the Roundhouse.


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